DUO Pen | Digital Pen Mouse (Tablet Mouse)


The DUO Pen is an innovative USB input device that can convert any ordinary laptop into a tablet computer with full pen touch-screen capability.

Using DUO Pen, you can enjoy countless benefits well beyond your computer’s current  capabilities.

Imagine that you can do touch screen, handwriting and drawing on screen, note-taking, 3D games and more with laptop tablet pen mouse. It’s not dream any more.

Just possible  right now with DUO Pen tablet mouse.

Digital Pen Mouse
PenAndFree is the technology-oriented company providing an innovative MMI solution for more natural interaction between humans and computers. DUO digital pen mouse, which enables all of usual PC's to execute TABLET functions at the most economic price, is the first-achievement to meet our vision.

Features of DUO digital pen mouse
• Auto Power-off (Sleep) mode
When pen of digital pen mouse does not click within 30 seconds after last click, the pen will be automatically initiated economical power-off mode.

MINT Note is the software that can display on the screen, save, edit or print what you wrote on the paper by using DUO digital pen mouse.
This software is only applicable to DUO tablet pen mouse. After completing software in the Installation CD enclosed in the package, you can see MINT Note icon on the window desktop.